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People bring me things all the time, and that fuels my work. A '90s snow blower, horseshoes from the farrier, treasures from other people’s boneyards. When people learn what I use and what I like, they start watching and saving things for me. It’s just fabulous to have this kind of support. Both here in Nevada County and in Napa, where I used to live. I'm always grateful for these gifts.

Please enjoy this gallery showing my latest builds. And don’t hesitate to call with questions about pieces or about arranging a studio tour.

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Garden Club - $3,500

Working Girl - NFS

Angel Baby - $2,500

Strollin’ With Hopper = $2,800

Tang Dude - $2,200

Goin’ Courtin’ - NFS

Goin’ Courtin’ (detail) - NFS

Purple People Eater. Too much ‘50s on 5. - $2,800

Harrow Time - $2,500

Old Mr. Boston - $1,800

Rita Maid. Not your average meter maid with a chimney sweep for a feather duster.

Hay Man

Sun/Moon and Crow Silhouettes


Snow's main body comes from a snow blower. One day a friend stopped by on his way to the dump. He leaned out the window of his truck and asked, “Is there anything in my truck that you want?” And he had a ‘90s snow blower! And that was just so much fun to work with! 

Also, I found the artist online who created these beautiful textured circles. Her last name is Hale. I found these circles at a garage sale as a one-piece sculpture, which I then took apart. So it’s art re-organized. 

And what’s also cool about this piece is that I’ve never done legs like this before. I love the dynamic bent posture. It’s like she’s skateboarding down a parking garage ramp. Totally love that angle. I’m going to use that again.

Miss Henderson

Miss Henderson was my kindergarten teacher. Basically, she was this shape. And she was a Miss. She’s got flowers in her hand, a lantern for a head, a butterfly on her arm, and school bells for boobs. She was a beacon of knowledge. 

I spent two years with Miss Henderson because I flunked kindergarten. I did not speak English when I entered kindergarten. (My grandparents raised me for my first five years and they just spoke Italian.) So I didn’t have a clue. But Miss Henderson was very nurturing and caring.


This is J.D. — that’s short for John Deere. His torso is a tractor grille, his head is a tractor gear. He’s a tractor guy. Yet he’s classy enough to wear a purple bow tie, and he’s an avid gardener. In fact, he is so committed to gardening that he has hoe hands.

On his back are hand drills, and his feet are formed of farm implements. He’s a hard worker, pushing his garden cart.

J.D., where would we be without you? You're quite the guy.